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A beautiful post.

As I sit here by myself at the Grand Hyatt having a wonderful dinner, I’m reminded of my friendships.  Notice how I didn’t say, “I’m alone.”

I’m never really alone.

My friendships are meaningful and rewarding.

I treasure the relationships I have with my friends. I believe that a life without friends is less rewarding than one with friends. 

Fortunately, I have many wonderful friends and am always looking for a few more.

I know the world is full of good people that would make great friends.

I value my time and my life, so I only have friendships that are meaningful and rewarding. 


Some are energy SUCKERS while some are energy GIVERS.

I only ALLOW people that provide these qualities to have a consistent presence in my life.
I may be picky, but I am also an excellent friend!

Sadly, as momma would say, “It’s not possible to know what’s in the chocolates until we take a bite.”  Thank you Forest, Forest Gump.

I am the type of friend that I want to have. I am loyal, trustworthy, loving, supportive, and fun. I am lucky to have several friends like this.

I am always open to adding new friendships in my life. The more the merrier! I have room in my heart and in my life for good people. I welcome these people with open arms.

Friends like Serena Stephens, Melisa St.James, Tina Renee, Karla Brown and so many others.  Too many to list here.

I am meeting new people on a regular basis. Many of them are becoming my friends. The number of friendships in my life is constantly increasing.

Today, I am open to developing new friendships. I treasure the friendships I already have. I am committed to be the best friend I can be. My friendships are meaningful and rewarding.

So, what would you ask yourself to make better selections and be a better friend yourself?

👉Who are my best friends?

👉What characteristics do they have in common?

👉What could I do to be a better friend?

👉What do I value most about my friendships?

👉How could I enhance these relationships?

It’s also important to remove those who don’t align with your values.

It’s not how many “friends” 👍 you have but the quality of those you choose to let into your circle if trust.

Choose wisely.
Be Strong. 💪
Gwen Patrone 



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