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Gwen brings us her affirmations.....

I’m writing this to myself as a positive affirmation but feel free to read it as if it’s to yourself or edit as needed……………..

My life is just beginning as a beautiful flower.

I am excited to discover what tomorrow brings. I see an amazing future. The sweet smell of my flower ⚘is infectious to all able to catch its sent.

When my flower blossoms 🌷each day, my goal is to set an example for others such as myself and leave my path better than when I first trod its way.

Like everyone, I occasionally have challenges. But I know those obstacles are preparing me for what lies ahead as I am preparing others through my writings. I am stronger and more capable every day than the day prior because of my challenges. They make me stronger and more capable. I plan to take full advantage of the opportunities that come my way because challenges are to be expected.

There’s no place in my life for FEAR.😱

I know there is a plan for my life. I am ready and willing to embrace that plan and enjoy it to the best of my ability. Although it’s taken 60 years to have my flower bloom, I know everyone blooms🌸 when they’re ready. It’s my destiny. I am bold and assertive when I need to be and sometimes sensual. It’s just the way my flower expresses itself to the world. I take full advantage of all the opportunities around me. I am learning everything I can and setting myself up for a beautifully successful future. I am open to all the possibilities.

I feel that the best part of my life has only just begun.


I spend a few minutes each morning reminding myself that my life is just beginning. It lifts my spirits and keeps my mind focused on my goals. The Law of Attraction says: LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE.

Positive intentions lead to favorable results because that’s the way the universe works.

Today, I look for opportunities to take my life to the next level.I AM BOTH GRATEFUL YET UNSATISFIED.I am excited about my future and I am moving forward with an optimistic spirit.

Be Strong. 💪

Gwen Patrone



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