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Love in Reverse: A Tale of Two Transitions

A Dual Gender Fable of Harmony in Duality: A Love Story Across Time

Time In a universe parallel to our own, the inhabitants lived under very different rules of biology and time. Here, people were born into one of two categories: Female-to-Male (FtM) or Male-to-Female (MtF). FtMs started life young, their biological clock ticking forward. 

As they aged, they transitioned toward masculinity, maturing in the traditional sense we understand—growing old over time. MtFs, on the other hand, were born old. They grew progressively younger as years passed, shifting from a masculine to a feminine form. 

Oddly enough, they carried memories and wisdom from the start, as if they had lived an entire lifetime backward. At the intersection of these diverging timelines was a magical period known as the “Prime Years,” an age where FtMs and MtFs found themselves most aligned with their gender transitions—balanced, as it were, between their original and final selves. It was during this time that they had the option to make an irrevocable choice: lock in their birth gender through a mystical ceremony, forever stalling their inherent aging processes and the subsequent transition. 

However, if they engaged in sexual activity before this ceremony, the gender they were currently in would become permanent, irreversible. Eleanor was an FtM, wise beyond her years yet cursed to age like any other person in a conventional world. She had been considering locking in her birth gender as female. 

Despite the allure of masculine traits and the aging process that would eventually come, she felt a strong connection to her femininity. Mark was an MtF, born old with a lifetime’s worth of memories, but getting younger and transitioning toward womanhood. He cherished the experience of youth, something not many got to relish in their elderly years. 

Mark knew deep inside that he wanted to complete this transition. Yet, falling in love was a curveball he hadn’t anticipated. 

When Eleanor and Mark met, it was as if two souls from opposite ends of a spectrum found a harmonious middle. Their chemistry was instantaneous, their connection deep. Despite the complexities of their world, they fell irrevocably in love. 

Eleanor, mature yet young, offered Mark a stability he had missed while living life backward. Mark, with his wisdom and youthful transformation, gave Eleanor a perspective she never knew she needed. But their love was not without its trials. 

They both knew that making love would freeze them in their current genders, a prospect that troubled Mark deeply and put Eleanor in a moral quandary. “I love you, Eleanor,” Mark confessed one day, his eyes burdened with the weight of his dilemma. “I want to be with you fully, but you know what I wish for myself.” Eleanor held Mark’s hands, looking earnestly into his eyes. “I know, Mark. And I love you too. I’ve thought about it, and I want to lock in my gender as a female. If you want to become a woman too, that’s fine by me. 

Our genders don’t define our love; we do.” It was a difficult choice, but one they were willing to make for the sake of love and personal truth. They underwent the ceremony, choosing to be authentic to themselves while forging a life together. 

Bound by a love that defied societal norms and their world’s unique biological rules, they found peace and happiness, living life as two women in love, each secure in their own true self. 

The End. 

Dr. Gwen Patrone

You can find out more about my writings on Amazon and Audible (see link on our home page)


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