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Just Another Day (Thankfully)

A nice and easy day.

I hadn’t volunteered in a while for Weathervane Theater. No reason, just my schedule never worked out, but on August 4, 2022 I went back to work a shift as a bartender.

I was pretty pleased with my outfit, loving this dollar skirt. I just let the day sort of happen, instead of over-planning it.

We started out at Ulta. I have a pretty cool photoshoot coming up, so I wanted to get some advice about dealing with those giant bags under my eyes. The lovely SA, with whom I have talked to before, gave me something that should work. Father Time, we all know, is undefeated, but if I can stave him off a bit, all the better.

I then drove to Summit Mall, where I enjoy just walking around. I hit a few of my usual places, clearance jewelry at Macy’s, the same at Dillard’s and the winding down of their semi-annual lingerie sale. I found what I believe will be the perfect dress for the Erie Gala upcoming at Windsor, it was $15 and it fit like it was made for me. You’ll see it one of these days.

I then met Sherry for a few drinks. You remember Sherry, she used to post here. She is one of my best friends, nonetheless, I always enjoy her company and just talking. I also was able to spend some time getting caught up with my favorite bartender, Karen about recent goings-on. She is such a good friend. Well after three Manhattans (one too many) and a pizza, it was off to “work”.

I really don’t have much more of a tale to spin. Great people. Some laughs and home I went! That half pizza was all I had eaten all day (this girl is getting fat), so I hit two McDonald’s on my way home. They have the best ice cream cones!

Just another day in my life, a good one, filled with friends, and me just being, well, me.


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