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Edison said "The imagination is the great workshop of the mind".

Edison said “The imagination is the great workshop of the mind”.

Your ability to IMAGINE beyond what your conditions and circumstances project into your awareness may be God’s greatest gift to you.

Here’s the problem…

We never stay with one singular idea long enough for it to grow roots and gestate.

We focus on our DREAM for a few minutes, then we focus on what we DON’T want, then we focus on who to BLAME, then we focus on why we CAN’T do it, then we focus on the DREAM again for a few seconds… and then onto another more reasonable dream.


Cultivating your imagination like a mental muscle will help you create your femme future so it can PULL you towards it.

I’m actually convinced you can’t force anything to happen, but you can create the conditions and circumstances in which what you desire feels welcome in your life.  You make your dream welcome.


You anchor your femme desire with the strength of your will which is your ability to focus and concentrate on your femme desire to the exclusion of all outside distractions.


Your femme dream doesn’t want some of you,  it wants all of you.  To bring your dream to reality, you have to feed your dream quality food.

You can absolutely make your feminization truth reality but only if you truly want.  You must allow your femme dream to empregnate you.  In effect, you must become pregnant. This is called The Law of Gestation.  How long it will take for you to give birth depends on how you feed your dream.

Gwen Patrone


2 Responses

  1. What a profound observation. I see so many girls out there ‘saddled’ with self-imposed restrictions on how they should live their lives as women. It has taken me a long time to realize that if we make our journey an “ADVENTURE”, it will become just that!

  2. No question a trans person has many ways and directions on their journey.
    I know I have from going toward full transition to thinking I would stop to now finally settling on knowing I’m trans but more fluid and closer to non binary
    I’m happy where I am but still brings some pitfalls
    We all just have to find that happy place in our journey as trans folks

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