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That darned Gwen, making me think again (especially since this is a repeat)!!

Faith is the belief in something for which there is no evidence.

Auntie Gwen is here to tell you that you can use your gift of imagination to pull you towards your emerging femme future. This requires FAITH. 


Blind faith has its benefits but is unstable and more easily broken.

Faith based on UNDERSTANDING is much more POWERFUL than blind faith.

When you have not yet achieved the femenization you desire, you need imagination based on blind faith but fortified on your understanding of how the human mind works.

Rely on your faith to create your future reality. Break free from any limiting beliefs that ultimately limit your circumstances.


Believe in that which you cannot yet see physically and PULL yourself towards it rather than trying to PUSH yourself from your current circumstances.  You can’t break into the femme you desire based on the current level of thinking that has gotten you to this point.  You must think differently.

Your faith creates your future.

You must believe that holding a thought with great consistency and enthusiasm can cause that thought to manifest itself. You can literally create a beautiful femme reality with thoughts and beliefs pulled from your imagination of how you want to become.

Faith provides you with the ability to hold more amazing thoughts than you could otherwise.

When challenging times are upon you from your current circumstances (there will be many), return to your faith in your femme energy.  Your faith allows you to act with confidence during these times.

Action is the final step in creating your femme reality. Faith and belief are the foundation that makes action possible.

Faith is the first step to reaching bigger goals and creating a spectacular life. In the absence of faith, further action is unlikely. With your femme faith, it is easy to move forward with enthusiasm and high expectations.

Your feminized future begins today with your faith, beliefs, and thoughts. Tend to these things like a shepherd tending his flock. Give them great attention and care.

Take responsibility for your future by focusing on your faith. BELIEVE you can achieve great things and enjoy an exciting life. Use your femme faith as a tool to direct the beautiful femme future you deserve.

Be Strong. 💪

Gwen Patrone


One Response

  1. Gwen,
    Do we have faith in our belief or do we believe in our faith ? They are are both important words if we are to move forward , which is the point you make so clearly . Faith is not a word I use as much as belief but at times we have to dig deep for both . It wasn’t until I was faced with living life as Teresa and had to step into the RW from my new home in a new town that I discovered how important belief in yourself was . To find yourself alone and about to create a new life is daunting especially when the man has now become a woman to the world . In the early days I questioned myself , ” can I really do this ?” over the weeks and months I gradually turned the corner and began to say , ” I can do this !”

    The basic building block is definitely BELIEF , each morning when I’m applying my makeup faith reinforces that belief . Just stepping out the door and saying good morning to your neighbours and getting a friendly reply is a simple pleasure to enjoy .

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