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Go Red For Women 2023

A favorite event!

Not a great photograph, but a great picture!!

  • Great cause ✅
  • Great opportunity for a special outfit ✅
  • Renewed friendships ✅
  • New friendships ✅
  • Compliment after compliment ✅
  • Hugging many local celebrities ✅
  • Being one of the ladies ✅
  • A fantastic event ✅
  • Complete love and acceptance ✅
  • Unselfish selfishness ✅
  • A decent meal ✅

On February 7, 2023, no one had a better day than I did!

The American Heart Association held its 19th annual luncheon, Go Red for Women, this time in the Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse (where I last worked the 2022 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony). It was awesome!

If you want to have a top like this, click here!

My fellow serial volunteers, Denise and Natalia, and I always take our step and repeat photo. These ladies are so great to me. We work a number of events together.

The perfect outfit for the day and it did not go unnoticed. Red…duh! The hearts, duh! I received quite a few compliments, even from ladies simply walking past me.

Nothing better than a red purse!

Gotta say, the coat is pretty sweet.

I was working the silent auction and playing way finder, a broad smile every moment of the day despite the pain my feet were causing me. I know, I know, how can you wear heels girl? The outfit worked, didn’t it? Between the shoes themselves, the cold, hard floor and my neuropathy, I didn’t stand a chance.

Now the following will mean very little to anyone outside of Cleveland and very little to most of in Cleveland as well. I got hugs from the great Jan Jones, Tiffani Tucker, Lindsey Buckingham (not that Lindsey Buckingham) and had a nice exchange with Beth McCloud. One is a Cleveland TV legend and the others on local news.

Not sure I could have enjoyed myself any more.


8 Responses

  1. Kandi,

    Really nice post for a special event. Of all those checkmarks, the most special for me is when I am just being one of the ladies and accepted completely. I had that experience again last night at book club. 20 women, and I was completely accepted and included in some pretty strong discussions about the threats men pose for women in relationships. No “man bashing” mind you — just honest assessments. Still, it was clear that I was on the women’s side of that fence.


  2. Oh, I like red – not always but when I am in the mood it feels good. A very special event. But far from me- A part-time-lady from Austria
    Have a good time

  3. Such a great cause and yes like always you wore it so well.
    Red is really not in my crayon box but those who can wear it yes

  4. Kandi,
    You look great in red. Heck, you look great in anything.

    I believe we all have an obligation to give back to our communities in some way. I am so impressed you give back to so many. You are very special.


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