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Double Duty

A couple of art museum shifts.

I pulled two art museum shifts this week. June 30, 2022 was my first.

I wish I could spin a great tale, but I simply did my job and went home. I picked up a few things on my way there: a prescription, some pastries at Aldi and poked around a few stores. I always look to get out to as many places as I am able (and can afford) when dressed, simply to be and simply to represent. The more folks see someone like myself just doing regular things, the better it is for all of us.

Since I had the luxury of time, I shot my usual photos at a local shopping area. As I was doing so, someone drove past, rolled down their windows and said I was beautiful (they obviously were vision impaired). I assumed that was a compliment, as they could have said other things if they wished to be negative. It happened so quickly, I did not see them, but it made me happy.

Back again two days later, July 2, 2022. I stopped back at Forever 21 and picked up a couple more really cute and really way-to-young-for-me dresses as the $5 stuff was now buy one, get one free. I couldn’t resist. The museum shift was pleasant, but uneventful. I took a bunch of pictures outdoors before my shift started, so here we go.

I always love when I first walk into the museum and a guard tells me she loves my dress! I know I have done this now for a long time, but that still stops me in my tracks….MY dress!


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  1. Two great outfits, perfect for the office or your volunteer shifts. I really like the inverted pleat skirt in the first outfit. And I absolutely agree that just being out doing regular things is the best way to counter any negativity. Keep on smiling! ❤️

  2. Agree so much that just being out and being ourselves is the best. You look wonderful and put together as always and yes I too encourage others if you can get out represent even if like me it’s just a grocery shopping trip
    Hugs Rachael

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