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I treasure an Alex post.

By Alexandra

I originally disregarded this photo for a variety of reasons that have now become less important because I have evolved a bit my thinking on why I post photos of myself dressed as a woman. The photo was taken in 2017 during a session with Elizabeth Taylor.

First, I am a man and happily so. Second, I am a man who crossdresses on rare occasions. I do my best to look female, but recognize there are limits to this illusion. The limits are most apparent when you see me in person, because I select the photos that come closest to achieving the illusion and discard all others. Still, in many photos, you can tell I am a man.

In the past, this would really bug me because that presumably meant my ability to achieve the desired illusion failed. But now, I am less concerned about that. If my objective is to produce art, and the result looks aesthetically pleasing and dignifies the superficial aspect of femininity as it is perceived in Western culture, then I am good with that.

Here, we clearly see a crossdresser. I like the vibe my pose imparts. I’m not terribly clever here; this is the result of a photographer trying new things with a malleable subject, though there are limits to what I will do. As I recall, we had fun mussing up my hair to create a kind of tussled, unkempt look 😀

Dress: Eliza J; Shoes: Bandalino; Hosiery: Gabrialla

This is so many different things to each and every one of us. I love the contrast of Alex to Cristy to me to Amanda to Fiona to…….you. Be you, whatever you that makes you happy.

Oh yeah, this makes me happy too!!


2 Responses

  1. Alexandra,
    I was going to say you are luckier than me for the simple reason you can accept that fact . You step out of male shoes for a few hours and enjoy what the transition brings you , thinking of it as art is a wonderful way of seeing it . The problems arise when you reach a point when you have to step beyond that and take the good with the not so good . It can be soul destroying at times until you relate your appearance to the majority of women in a similar age bracket , at that point it’s uplifting to say I don’t look so bad . I do feel so much is based on self belief , once you have that you can build confidence to truly take on the World .
    I hope I don’t ruffle too many feathers by saying this but I feel many crossdressers use male mode as a safety net , if it doesn’t go well they can safely return to drab mode . OK I appreciate many don’t have a choice , it’s harder for them because it’s painful to make that return .

    As you mention there is the aspect of spending some time as an attractive person , men don’t have that opportunity , OK that raises the inevitable question of what drives that need ?

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