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You know, being self-aware is such a game changer, especially if you’re transgender.  

Every day, there’s this new chance to grow and embrace who you really are. It’s about seeing these moments as opportunities to become the authentic person you’re meant to be. 

Being self-aware means using every bit of your journey, the ups and downs, to not just better your life, but also to impact those around you positively, and even the wider world. 

For someone who’s transgender, it’s all about finding those unique ways to grow and fully embrace your true self. 

Actively looking for chances to shine as the best version of yourself, embracing the challenges because they’re really growth opportunities in disguise. It’s about setting your own goals, measuring your success on your terms, and continually evolving. 

Viewing yourself as a work in progress, ready to make the necessary changes and tweaks along the way. Staying focused on this journey of transformation is key. 

Aiming to be your best self, regardless of the challenges, is so empowering. Remember, doing your best is always enough. Giving everything your best shot and letting your heart lead the way is so important. It’s a constant journey of growth. 

Today’s a great day to pursue and embrace your goal of self-awareness. For my transgender friends, this means understanding yourself better, finding your path to your true self, and unlocking all those amazing possibilities that life has in store.  

Maybe you come to the conclusion that fully transitioning is not for you at the moment or ever and that’s fine. Maybe you’re full steam ahead! 

Being self-aware is a critical aspect of your journey in deciding where you land of the gender spectrum and ultimately coming to your happy place, wherever that may be. 


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  1. Gwen,
    I totally agree being self-aware is so important but it doesn’t happen over night and it possibly can’t happen in the wrong environment . I also agree that self-awareness goes hand in hand with setting and achieving goals .

    Is it right to use the term ” full transition “? I appreciate there are certain guidelines for the professionals , they often need to fill boxes from a client- professional situation . We also have to take care we’re not bowing to peer pressure . I haven’t fully transitioned but the most important aspect of my life is I’ve achieved normality , to me my transition is complete . For a time I felt like a fraud but that was when I was still in a circle of transgender people , moving on from them I realised it was mostly peer pressure and I’m afraid a great deal of BS ! Acceptance within a transgender group is totally different from acceptance with the general public and also a different set of goals . Consider for a moment the statement , ” I want to go out as a woman !” you may get acceptance from within but possibly not in society if that is your ultimate goal . I will add despite comments that it doesn’t happen , please believe when I say it does.

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