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Perception – Personal Understanding

By my real world friend, Jocelyn Johnson One of the definitions of perception is: “a way of regarding, understanding, or interpreting something; a mental impression”. ...

Working (As A) Girl

I am sure no one will understand this as it all happens in my big empty head. I am making a personal commitment to “going ...

Spread Joy. Be Happy.

My clean out of dated materials on myself continues, having begun stripping away the "I'm Published" page


The goodness of people...

Transpreneur: The Right to Be Wealthy

The following is an excerpt of my upcoming book.  
CrossdresserKandiKandi's Land

Dear Me!

Okay, so I have no life, so I do stupid things like this image...
CrossdresserKandiKandi's Land

Ahoy, Mateys!

A delightful couple of days.
CrossdresserKandiKandi's Land

Rach Checks In!

This makes me very happy...
CrossdresserKandiKandi's Land

Wearing Women’s Clothing vs. Dressing Like a Woman

Points I made a few years back, for your consideration today.
CrossdresserKandiKandi's Land

Squeezing Every Bit Out of The Toothpaste Tube

Back on the horse...