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Someone I am proud to call "friend".

By Nora Simone

Most know I like to change my appearance based on occasion – or just how I feel.

Strangers might not know that. Sometimes I find myself making introductions with someone I met just a few hours previously!

However my best friends reliably spot me in a crowd – regardless of hair, or costume.

How do they do that?

So for fun, here is collection of portraits taken over a long weekend to demonstrate my range.

Sometimes I transform twice in one day: a day look and a very different night look.

Do you think you’d recognize me passing on the street? If so, you must be a friend.

Photos were taken by friends with smartphone cams. Still useful to make the point – right?

PS. This is not a “Which do you like best” question. I like diversity in myself as much as I like diversity in others.

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One Response

  1. Nora,
    The simple answer is most people who only know you in male mode won’t recognise you because they’re not expecting to see those changes in you . Aren’t women lucky to have those choices . I struggled for a while with thinking I was using dressing as an excuse to venture out in disguise but the truth is being full time I’m actually going out as ME .

    Only this week I went out to a show and saw a ladly I knew many years ago , without thinking I gave her a friendly ” hello ” she replied but with a puzzled look on her face . Later I met her again and talked for a while , I attempted to jog her memory as to who I was but the penny just didn’t drop .
    On another occasion I met a lady who certainly wouldn’t haven’t hugged me in male mode but her comments were , ” Oh my gosh what’s happened to you ? You look wonderful ” , and proceeded to hug me for several minutes .

    To experiment with several looks can be a lot of fun but now I had to find a look I was comfortable with and stick with it as it’s my identity now .

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