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My Rules of Weight Loss

Over six months, I lost 60 pounds. ......



If it’s just a want or nice to do, your subconscious will sabotage your success and put you right back to your comfort zone because that’s its job. Keep you safe.

Here we go…

Over six months, I lost 60 pounds.  My weight loss was during the lockdown where most people got sedentary and gained weight.

So many have asked me what I did to lose 60 pounds, so I took some notes from my diet diary.  These were awarenesses I was able to recognize. 

Why did this time work when others didn’t?  

What do you need to be aware of when dieting?

Your body is a fantastic machine.  When left to its own devices, it knows what to do.  We pollute our body with inadequate, low nutrition, dense calorie foods with little value to our energy.  We are in a constant state of energy management, and your choices of when, how much, and what you eat can dramatically dictate your energy levels.

We tend to sabotage the inner workings of our body by not giving it the nutrition it needs.  In other words, if you gave your car cheap gas, over time, your spark plugs would get covered in carbon as well as many other parts of the car would begin to rust and get clogged up.

Rule 1

See food as fuel.

We need to start looking at food as fuel rather than an emotional release.  I’m sure you’ve heard the term “comfort food.”  This is where we are inducing our body to create chemicals from the food we eat to make us feel “better.”

Rule 2

Let your body do what it’s supposed to do.

Our body also has a “Second Brain.” You can read about it by searching google.  This is from the bacteria flora in our body that needs to keep in balance.  It causes us to CRAVE specific flavors and chemicals in food.  For the longest time, I craved diet coke.  I found it was the sweetener in it that causes me to be addicted to it.  It makes you think, what else is causing this to happen?

Rule 3

Less food, creates more energy

Processed foods and manufactured foods are laced with fat and sugar, which fill us up but are very short-term in sustained energy.  Your body then takes the excess and stores it as fat.  Not good.  Studies have shown that it’s not the amount of food but the quality of the food that is important.  You get sleepy because your body redirects blood flow and “resources” to your digestive system.  Thus when having less food, reduces the need for the body to focus on digestion.  If you don’t want to go into a sleep coma after lunch, reduce the calorie intake and reduce fatty foods and carbohydrates.

Rule 4

Never eat out of habit.

Ever walk into the kitchen in a trance, then go and open the refrigerator only to close it and do it all over again in 15 minutes?  Much of our lives is driven by habitual actions.  If you’re not losing weight, take a notepad with you for a week and write down everything you stick in your mouth.  I’m talking about EVERYTHING, no matter how big or small, solid or liquid. Don’t make any judgments for a week.  Just do as you’ve always done.  Then, take a look after a week, and you’ll be surprised at how many empty calories you consume without even knowing it.

Rule 5

Never eat when driven by emotion

Do you eat when you are upset, happy, sad, angry, full in the blank?  The first step in overcoming this is awareness of the cause, which is the triggering mechanism.  Do some self-reflection to determine what is causing you to eat from emotion.  Replace it with something else like taking a walk.

Rule 6

Cut yourself a break

We all mess up from time-to-time.  The problem is that too many of us let it derail any progress up to that point.  It sabotages us.  Understand that we’re all human, and we are fallible.  We mess up.  Cut yourself a break and say, “OK, I shouldn’t have eaten that entire pint of ice cream.  I’ll be better next time.  Now I’m getting back on the plan.”

Rule 7

Rewarding yourself is OK

This is related to Rule 6.  It’s OK to reward yourself as long as you don’t do it for habit or emotional reasons.  You CHOOSE to have the food you like.  You make a conscious decision to have the food.  Remember, you’re in charge, not your emotions, not your habits, not the food.  YOU!  If you choose to have that ice cream because you’ve been a good dieter, then go for it.  It’s very different reasoning and is empowering.

Rule 8

Just because you do not see weight loss doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

Many times on my 60-pound weight loss, I hit plateaus where I was wondering why I wasn’t losing weight.  I discovered that sometimes my body got “comfortable” or needed a rest from losing weight for a time.  Just keep doing what you’re doing, and when your body is ready, you will notice a drop in weight but only whenever your body is prepared. 

Maybe change your exercise pattern.  Try changing your routine up to confuse your body a little. 

Rule 9  Watch your salt intake.

Salt in your body retains water which will counteract weight loss.  But be aware, weight loss and water weight loss can fake you out.  Water weight will fluctuate so don’t freak out if you go up or down a few pounds in 1 day. Be aware of hidden salt in foods. Example:  Ever look at the salt content in Diet Coke?  Yowza!

Rule 10

Don’t be afraid to use help and stop worrying about how much it costs.  

Look at your net-net cost.  I didn’t have to eat a traditional breakfast, less coffee, and eliminated artificial stimulants. I had a good lunch and dinner.  I saved $20-$30 a day by using the Quiari product; thus, the cost was irrelevant.  I save $200-$300 a month even after the price of the product!

Sadly most will get cheap on themselves and not take my recommendations.

So what does QuiAri do for me?

QuiAri helps with the above rules by giving me compact body nutrition with few calories. Once my body has what it needs, it craves less, appetite reduces, digestive bacteria get back in balance. It provides the boost to combat our hidden enemies of habit and emotionally driven actions.

It balanced out my energy yet maintained it at a higher level without the dreaded jitters.  The MaquiX in the shake and energy pills has supreme anti-oxidant properties has 300 times the antioxidants of any other known superfruit including acai and blueberry.

Even if I didn’t need to lose weight, I’d still take it.  It’s about ENERGY and VIBRANCY of life force.

You can get info or order here:

In conclusion…

The fantastic machine which is your body will correct itself.  If it needs to shed fat, then it will do that. If not, then it will not do that. 

Your body knows what to do.

Gwen Patrone


3 Responses

  1. Gwen,
    Humans are possibly unique in that we have so much control over our bodies , so we tend to use and abuse them . As you point out over indulgence is so easy , we can find so many reasons to over eat but find it more difficult to stop .
    Most of us are aware that a good diet and exercise are the key but as the weight creeps on exercise becomes harder .
    I discovered this when my old dog died , she became slower and slower , I didn’t really notice my weight creeping on because of my depression through my transgender issues . When we bought a new dog my exercise rate increased , people thought I was ill because I lost 28lbs in two months even though my diet hadn’t changed . Physically and mentally I felt so much better , since then I’ve taken more care over my diet becuase I prefer to keep my dress size constant , It’s lovely to know most size 12 (UK sizing ) items will fit me off the peg .

    The old saying is , ” you are what you eat !” I’m so pleased you’ve now discovered how true that is .

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