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Another Saturday, another day we are blessed with some of Gwen's thoughts!

Is it possible to love your true self and live authentically?

Yes, of course.  Here’s how…

Try by learning to love yourself first. You can’t love just part of you. It’s got to be the good and the bad, warts and all.  You see, we can only love completely and unconditionally but accepting every part of us.

The male and female aspect of ourselves, whatever proportion that is for you. The mistakes, habits, fears, anger, resentment… everything.

You must acknowledge and accept everything so you have a baseline with which you can enhance the parts you love and lessen or remove that which you no longer desire.

Have compassion for yourself.

Replace negative opinions of yourself with the compassion you have now to love yourself.

By learning to love yourself first, you can trust your heart. From your heart, flows your truth.  Your heart knows what is right for you even when you are unsure how it feels or how to get there.

When you trust your heart, you can let go of the past without hesitation and release the fear of judgment from the past.

Know that you’re worthy of love and acceptance.

Be grateful for every experience that allows you to grow. 

Be thankful for each lesson you learn. 

Be thankful for your successes and failures.


Learn to accept your life as it is today. Know how to walk your talk and grow beyond your hurts.

Make up sex is the best, isn’t it?

It’s the same with the love of your inner self.  After you break up with the bad aspect you’d rather not have be part of your life, you make up with your entire self to grow bigger, better and more complete.

Live your truth each day and walk authentically along your path in life. Accept yourself and refuse to hide.  


You’re now an enhanced, better version of yourself! As your true self comes forth, enjoy and ve free within yourself.

Next, learn to love yourself through honesty by kearning to forgive yourself.


Allow yourself to be happy within the context of your current reality. Let yourself grow as an individual and be open to new possibilities.  Take a breath, accept where you are and then plan your way out.  It’s easier than most people think.  Small, seemingly inconsequential choices made daily add up to monumental change.

In closing, choose to live authentically. 

Choose to forgive yourself. 

Choose to live happily despite your past. 

Choose to move forward in your life.

Ask yourself a few questions:

1. How does it feel to love myself?

2. How can I be more honest with myself?

3. How does living authentically serve my higher purpose?

Hmmmmm. Some deep thinking is probably required.  That’s fine. To get the quality results you desire, quality questions must be asked.

Be Strong 💪 

Gwen Patrone 



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