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Food for thought.

I’m on a cruise ship called LIBERTY. So why not write about it.

We hear the word LIBERTY and usually we think of our founding documents and the struggle for LIBERTY… i.e. FREEDOM.

First if all, let me state up front, I recognize that I’m very lucky to live in a land of liberty. I feel so blessed. The word LIBERTY has been lost in our culture.  We’ve gradually surrendered the responsibility that LIBERTY requires.


So many live in a reactionary world and look outside themselves for what’s required to thrive.  They’ve forgotten the greatness and exceptionalism they have inside them, given to us from birth as a child of the King.  They are happy to settle for a life that’s adequate and mediocre and trade their LIBERTY for perceived security given by outside groups or government.

Personally,  I’m grateful for the many blessings that living in freedom brings to me. I am doing all I can to help others see how lucky they are as well in my group called TRANSpreneur, “TRANSformative Entrepreneurship“. 

As mentioned above, you must first recognize that liberty starts within. Free up your mind to make space for LIBERTY.  Realize that to free the mind is to be truly free.  It’s the one thing you have ultimate control over.

Next, eliminate any thoughts that limit your LIBERTY. Free your mind of limiting beliefs and release anything that is holding you back.

Next, liberate your thinking. Think outside the box.  The one thing people tell me all the time is, “Gwen, you just think different”.  I do and I can because I’ve freed my mind.
What I’m teaching you to do is to create a land of LIBERTY inside your head. Use all your creative genius (yes, you’re a genius) to construct your perfect world of freedom.


My purpose is to do my part to help others free their minds from limiting beliefs too. It’s like Morpheous in the movie, The Matrix.  I open their eyes to be Neo and claim their control over their world. FIND YOUR PURPOSE.

Let’s value our liberty and do what we can to influence the leaders of our community. How about writing to our congressman. VOTE.  Do your civic duty.

I preserve my liberty. I get more involved with community service. I participate in community activities. 

Let’s celebrate our LIBERTY. Speak up at community gatherings. Write to the newspaper and get involved with projects that promote LIBERTY.

In closing, be grateful that you can contribute to helping others and do your part to support freedom.

Let freedom ring!

Be Strong. 💪 
Gwen Patrone 



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