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The word is AVERAGE.  Why live an AVERAGE life when I can choose to strive to impact others and live a life of contribution.

I can choose to live an ordinary or extraordinary, average or exceptional life.  It’s an easy choice… or is it.

I know two types of people: an ordinary person and an extraordinary one. I know the regular person allows fear to rule their life while the outstanding person chooses to live outside fear.

Many choose the easy way of average or dare I say a mediocre life because it’s the easy path most trodden upon.  It’s the smoothest due to the well packed soil of millions of others that took the easy route.  Have they become afraid of their potential and having to live up to it?  I think only they can come to that realization.

That’s why I choose to live outside of fear by thinking positively.  Then moving my thoughts to action to get my desired results.


I am always amazed when I catch myself thinking negatively. It sneaks its way into my life in subtle seductive ways or occasionally by sudden impact.  But I’m quick to catch it and send it on its way.


Although I find it easy to dwell on negativity, I find it feels unsatisfying. Thus, when I notice negative thoughts, I gently remind myself that I can think positively. I commit to positive thinking because the negative never goes away forever.  It’s a constant fight for territory and dominance in my spirit.

I tell myself that I DESERVE to live in love and joy.


I’m the sum total of my choices up until now.  My thoughts become my reality regardless of their size. My choices are my life. So, I choose to see my life as happy. I choose to be satisfied.

When I choose to be happy, I experience joy. Joy radiates out to the people around me like a beacon.  They can feel my glow even before I speak and they’re glad I’m in their presence because I energize them. I feel alive and abundant.


That is my normal state. This is my way of being. I allow my mind to dwell in joy. I live in appreciation of my life. I celebrate each day that I am alive.

I choose to live in joy. I am grateful for my existence and aware of all the wonders of creation.

In conclusion, I honor my life and those I meet, family, friends, coworkers and community. I thank them for sharing my journey. I share gratitude through my actions. And I practice loving-kindness and compassion in my daily interactions.

I hope this piece has blessed you today.

Be Strong 💪 
Gwen Patrone 


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