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Sage advice!

Many times in during our lives we lose our way.  We get off track. Don’t dismay. 
I’ve got news for you…


I know you’re thinking, “Here comes Gwen-Speak. I can’t wait to hear how she spins this one.  My life sucks.  Help!”

Breath. Inhale. Exhale. Follow the sound of my voice…

When a plane goes from NYC to LAX it has a GPS to subtly correct its course. Small adjustments are necessary or they land in Seattle.  This means they are ALWAYS OFF COURSE.  

In your life, it’s the destination to keep in mind. GPS is your VISION. Your BLUEPRINT is your map. The CHOICES you make are course corrections to get to your intended destination.

Sadly, most “wing it” and “sleepwalking” through life thinking they have no control and they’re in constant REACTIONARY mode based on the current economic, political, relationship etc. environment.


But as I always write, there’s good news.

There is always a way to get back on track.

Life is a journey of triumphant hills and challenging valleys. Even in my lowest times, know that there is always a way to get back on track.

The throes of life sometimes make my days difficult to navigate. But through resilience, you will persevere and successfully awaken to a new day.

The newness of tomorrow will fill you with positive anticipation knowing that there is an answer somewhere down the road.

Financial difficulties come and go. When all your monetary resources are exhausted, stay away from feeling hopeless.  Remind yourself that YOU ARE A VICTOR NOT A VICTIM.

Know that you’re here to overcome instead of succumbing to challenges. Combine your prayers/meditation and creative thinking to resolve the shortfall. Sometimes the path is unpretty, but know that it always leads to a positive outcome.

Outside stressors sometimes make it difficult for you to work diligently. Whenever you feel disillusioned at work, take some time to re-energize.

Your mind and body are interconnected, so  recharge them together whenever possible. A break from work along with focus on exercise is a solid formula for fortifying your entire being once again. Pour into yourself spiritually so that you’re at your best professionally.
Worry holds very little space in your head as long as you don’t let it. Replace worry with confidence, faith, and diligence. That combination attracts success closer. It allows you to bounce back from tough times and get back on track effortlessly. 

1. Who do you lean on when you seek support without judgment?

2. How do you maintain a positive mindset when times get tough?

3. How much of an inspiration are your own successes to you?

4. Do you have a blueprint to obtain your hearts desire?

5. How clear is your vision of that desire? When you close your eyes can you see it, Maybe touch it?


Gwen-Speak over.  Class dismissed.

Be Strong. 💪 
Gwen Patrone 



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