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Easter Sunday (On a Snowy March Saturday)

We wrap our participation on movie no. 5! Bring on the next one!!

My second scene in the upcoming blockbuster film “Calendar’! This Troubadour Films production has been so much fun, great people, and I hope someday these folks make it big (and don’t forget the little people along the way)!

On March 12, 2022, we filmed an Easter Sunday service in a small church. I sat in the back row, but was seated directly behind the principal characters in the scene. So maybe…..

Being an Easter service and my not ever really being able to wear what I would like to a real Easter service, here is your girl enjoying her afternoon, on set. The final picture is the view from my seat on set.

After the shoot completed, we had lunch, which gave me an opportunity to chat with some of the other actors. An older couple there was in the very first movie shoot I did, so it was very nice to get caught up with them.

We’re at Keystone. If you are a reader, find me!!


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