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More of Alex's Keystone observations and experiences!

By Alexandria

This photo captures the curious circumstance in which my outfit serendipitously complements the surroundings. I’m also inadvertently doing some sort of squinty thing with my eyes that I rather like.

This was the morning of the first day at Keystone 2023. Putting on makeup was a bit challenging, but ultimately I got through the process ahead of schedule. Having not had a chance to try it on previously, I loved my outfit immediately. Taking photos in the relatively dark room proved frustrating, and after 30 minutes I stopped so I can join the real world beyond the door. It was lovely to walk through the hallways to the elevator after many months of looking forward to that experience again.

The various annoying things that emerged during that morning culminated in entering an elevator that decided to get stuck on the way down after some staff members who rode with me existed the car on the fifth floor. The doors closed and the car didn’t move. After a few minutes, I decided to tap the phone button to let folks know I was stuck. I’ve never had this happen to me, and being stuck in an elevator wearing a frock struck me as ironic and amusing. I was in there for about an hour before the doors came open again. I was worried that I would need to be pulled out through the top hatch by a bunch of emergency crew members, while international news agencies caught the whole thing on film. The tape would be distributed worldwide to satiate the appetites of billions who crave stories about men in dresses caught in a crises. A worse case scenario, and one that was extremely unlikely but nevertheless preoccupied my thoughts, involved the car plummeting to earth, whereby my body is found, looking actually quite nicely put-together but serving as a nightmare method for for my secret to be revealed to all who read my obituary.

Fortunately, the “rescue” was uneventful. The two guys who pried open the doors apologized, went about there business, and no one else was around as I continued my journey via the staircase.

I was thinking this was a marvelous way to kick things off. Alas, the rest of the time was glorious 🙂

Dress: STATE

Cardigan: Calvin Klein

Boots: Charter Club

Hosiery: Tiffany Quinn

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One Response

  1. Hi Alexandra,
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post. Very cute and very funny. To me it pretty much encapsulated the fact that you just never know what’s coming next. But your picture and outfit stated you were ready for what ever came your way and it did. But you were looking stunning and definitely ready. It reminded me of my various trips to Vancouver and Calgary. As you drive your mind wanders and I found myself thinking, Trish, it would be kind of fun to be pulled over by the RCMP and watch the look on their faces when I handed them my drivers license. 😁 just sayin’. Have a great day girl and thanks for the post, it made my day.

    Trish ❤️

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