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An interesting analogy...

I just saw the new Transformers movie. In fact, I’ve seen them all. I confess, I’m a sci-fi, super hero, action geek!  Shout out to all those that identify the same. 

As I was thinking about what the Transformers do, I was struck with a realization. Are crossdressers or Dual Gender people real life Transformers?

Hmmm, such an interesting hypothesis. I contemplated further. 

So, let’s think about crossdressers and the comparisons to Transformers from the movies. And when I say crossdressers, I’m also referring to Dual Gender, Dual Spirit and other similar variations too numerous to constantly refer too so I’ll stick to one reference as crossdressers.  Thank you for giving me the latitude to explore. 

I’m not including my transgender friends in this consideration because they are looking to “permanently become” and not go “back and forth” as is the message of my post.  It’s not a slight on them in the least. I just want to mention that because I’m sure some are wondering why. 

Let’s begin…

On the surface, they seem like they’re from completely different worlds. But if you dig a little deeper, you’ll notice they have quite a bit in common!

When we think about crossdressers, it’s crucial to remember that the process of changing their attire to those traditionally associated with a different gender is often about more than just clothes. It’s about expressing an identity or aspect of themselves that they may not have the opportunity to show in everyday life. Some folks might crossdress for fun, while others might do it to feel more comfortable in their own skin. It’s an act of self-exploration and transformation that goes beyond surface-level appearance.

The Transformers take transformation to a whole other level, right? They shift from gigantic robots to everyday vehicles! But just like with crossdressers, their transformation isn’t just for show. It’s integral to their identity. For example, Bumblebee transforms into a Camaro, symbolizing his youthful, eager, and steadfast nature. Optimus Prime, the leader, transforms into a heavy-duty truck, echoing his powerful and dependable personality.

Let’s go into the idea of changing identities. In the world of crossdressing, folks swap their regular attire for clothes typically associated with the opposite gender. It’s not just about swapping clothes, though. It’s about exploring different sides of themselves and expressing identities that may not be apparent in their daily life.

Now, compare this with the Transformers. They’re not just robots—they can also turn into cars, planes, or trucks! 

Their transformations aren’t just about appearance either. These changes show how flexible they are in their identities. They’re not just defined by being robots or vehicles, but by the potential to BE BOTH!

Next up, let’s talk about society and norms. Crossdressers often have to navigate a sea of societal expectations around gender. By crossdressing, they’re challenging the usual gender norms and showing that identities can be fluid. They can stir up conversations that could lead to a broader acceptance of different gender expressions.

Our transforming robot friends also have to adjust to a new society—in their case, Earth. Especially the Autobots, they’re constantly trying to fit in and live peacefully with humans, despite their obvious differences. Like crossdressers, they challenge our preconceived ideas—about what constitutes life and intelligence in this case—and prompt us to question and potentially broaden our understanding.

Society has certain expectations about how men and women should dress and behave, and these expectations can be pretty rigid. Crossdressers challenge these norms by presenting themselves in a way that doesn’t align with these traditional expectations. They can often face scrutiny and judgement, but by daring to be themselves, they’re pushing society to question these norms and become more accepting of different gender expressions.

Now, think about the Autobots from Transformers. They’re sentient robots from outer space, so they’re definitely outside the “norm” of human society! They constantly have to adapt to Earth’s customs and ways of life, which aren’t always easy for them to understand. But their efforts to coexist peacefully with humans can push us to question our own norms and become more accepting of those who are different from us.

Lastly, both crossdressers and Transformers are all about self-expression and authenticity. For crossdressers, dressing in a way that aligns with their inner identity can be liberating and validating. They’re showing the world that they’re more than what society expects based on their birth-assigned gender.

For Transformers, their transformation ability isn’t just a neat trick; it’s part of their identity. It’s a way to show off their adaptability and individuality. Each Transformer has a vehicle form that says something about who they are, just like a crossdresser choosing an outfit that resonates with their inner identity.

For many crossdressers, the act of dressing in clothes traditionally associated with a different gender is an important form of self-expression. It can be a way to explore their identities, express their feelings, and challenge societal expectations. It’s about being true to oneself and breaking free from the constraints of rigid gender norms.

The Transformers also embody this idea of self-expression and authenticity. They aren’t just conforming to human standards by transforming into vehicles. Instead, they choose forms that reflect their personalities and roles within their group. For example, Jazz, one of the Autobots, transforms into a sports car, reflecting his love for Earth culture and his flashy, cool nature.

So, even though comparing crossdressers and extraterrestrial robots might sound a bit out there, they have more in common than you’d think. They both challenge the idea of having to stick to one fixed identity and open up discussions about acceptance and understanding. But remember, real-life experiences of crossdressers are far more complex and nuanced than a movie about alien robots. So, while this comparison is pretty interesting, it doesn’t cover everything.

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10 Responses

  1. Hi Gwen:
    What a lighthearted and fun analogy! Among the many psychological benefits my crossdressing brings, I personally revel in the duality of spirit. Your statement of “It can be a way to explore their identities, express their feelings, and challenge societal expectations…breaking free from the constraints of rigid gender norms.” says it perfectly from my perspective. Thanks for stating it so eloquently.

  2. Gwen,
    While I appreciate this being a fun post and a also appreciate you rule out the transgender members I’m stiil confused by it . I agree that crossdressing for many is showing society your hidden feelings but then you refer to crossdressers as gender variants , so in fact you are including transgender people in your thinking on tranformers and transformation .

    I’m not sure if I like the analogy of transfomers because some become anti-social monsters , I’d hate to refer to any crossdresser or transgender people as such .
    Perhaps the analogy of being actors on life’s stage is a more preferable description , after all we do use costumes and makeup . The one problem with that idea is my ex-wife sometimes accused me of acting like a woman but would never be one . In general though aren’t we all just acting a part , looking back I feel I was made to act the part of a boy/man . In transition we do have to learn female traits , so we have to learn how to act less like a man and more like a woman , in that process I realised how close men and women are when living an everyday life .

    To return to the basis of your post perhaps it’s worth asking members if they could transform who or what would they wish to become ? I’m not sure , perhaps Superwoman .

  3. Gwen,

    Clever and thoughtful and, as usual, you gave me pause for reflection. You make some great points.

    The one that seems buried, but resonated, it that Transformers do so to protect others, as I understand it. Perhaps we transform to protect ourselves.


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