Tina’s Early Adventures Part 3

She's still at it!

By Tina Davis

May 2-6, 2018 (part 1)

I dropped my wife off at the airport Wednesday morning, hurried home, and pulled out my duffel bags from their hiding spot. I quickly got dressed in a forest green top with a silver necklace, new Gloria Vanderbilt Amanda jeans in silver grey, and black Christian Siriano flats (no hose as it was 90° F!). I had left my wig for cleaning the previous week and needed to go pick it up from the wig shop. I did some light makeup and tied a silk scarf around my head to hide my baldness. I had hoped to get there to have time for wig shopping as well, but the traffic was horrible due to a major accident near the exit I needed. So I wound my way through the back roads and only picked up the wig. I put it on in the car, then drove back home with a lot less worry. Later that night, I went out to Walgreen’s for a new mascara and lipstick, then stopped at a convenience store for lottery tickets. No issues whatsoever, as I deliberately made an effort to talk with the cashiers.

Thursday, I put on a fuchsia top, grey skirt and black Siriano 4″ pumps (again, no hose due to the heat in New England). I went to the nail salon I had visited before for a manicure with a bright fuchsia color, then I went shopping fully dressed! I did put my flats on again for shopping, as I didn’t know how much walking I could do in the heels. In Dress Barn, the SA immediately greeted me and started a changing room with my name (!) as soon as I picked out one Calvin Klein dress to try. I ended up with three dresses (2 CK, 1 Roz & Ali) to try on. The coral CK was a size 14 and felt just a little big. The blue floral CK was a 12 and fit like a glove, so I bought it (on sale for $39.50). The Roz & Ali size 12 didn’t come close to fitting, and they didn’t have a 14 to try. I also got unsolicited compliments from both the SAs and another customer on the CK dress I ended up buying.

Then I went to Famous Footwear, an off-price shoe store like DSW. I went straight for the clearance racks to just browse the 9 1/2. My eyes were drawn to a pair of black booties, and I’ve never been a fan of boots or booties before. So I tried them, they fit great, and then I saw they were Fergalicious Purge booties, retail $70, for $17. Sold! The fuschia top and grey skirt is what I wore all day.

Then, it was off to Kohl’s for more clearance rack shopping. I found tops, dresses, pants, and sports bras to bring into the changing room. The cute LBD has a chiffon overskirt and nice belt to cinch my waist. The striped top is a size medium and it drapes well. I also bought a sports bra with these two items and put back the rest. After all my discounts and Kohl’s cash, I spent just over $20.

After the shopping was done, I put the heels back on and went to a quiet casual restaurant for a late lunch, sitting at a high-top table with my legs crossed in a skirt, a heel hooked over the chair rung, enjoying a salad. I even went to the ladies’ room after eating and did my business in the appropriate manner (seated). No sirens, flashing lights, or angry bar patrons to be found. I even took some of the salad home, feeling more feminine than ever.

Friday, I put on a JLo cold shoulder top and GV jeans with the new booties and went to Macy’s and DSW. I didn’t find anything I liked in Macy’s, even in the clearance racks. There were lots of great shoes at DSW, but my budget wasn’t going to let me buy any more, and I had a delivery coming of dress sandals and a pair of western style booties. I called an Ulta north of Boston that afternoon and asked if they did makeup for TG women. They immediately said “yes”, so I was not feeling timid at all about making the appointment for Saturday afternoon before going to the Tiffany Club.

To be continued!

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4 Responses

  1. Nothing like a day girl shopping
    I miss Dress Barn I was always treated so nicely in there stores
    But as our girl Kandi says I can’t remember ever having a bad experience en fem anywhere
    It’s all about just being you and appropriate when
    out an about

    1. It’s absolutely true that being visible and appropriate is the best way to have a fun experience. I may keep to myself for the most part while out – I am an introvert after all – but all the interactions I have had were meaningful and affirming. And I definitely miss Dress Barn!!

    1. Thank you Mark, I think Calvin Klein dresses are wonderful, even though they are often a little more expensive.

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