Tina’s Early Adventures Part 2

Part deux!

By Tina Davis

May 4-9, 2017

While I had been out dressed prior to 2017, it had always been limited to going to the Tiffany Club and at night. I shopped in drab all the time, and was androgynous the previous year. I just decided that there was no reason to be timid while my wife was away. She was taking two extra days to visit a friend in Texas after the conference, so I planned for a couple of outings.

Wednesday and Thursday I had dressed only at night after work and did not go out. Friday was a test run of my confidence, I put on my women’s jeans, a black tank top, scoop-neck black sweater, and black wedge booties. I put very light makeup on (no lipstick, just clear gloss), fixed my wig, and out the door I went. Drove out to Western Massachusetts for the morning, I had to wait for a plumber at my in-laws’ house (they are deceased, but my wife and I were managing the house at that time). I took off my wig, sweater, forms and booties and put on a male shirt and sneakers. The plumber came, did his work, then I took my brother-in-law’s three dogs out for a walk (one at a time, large Labs) before packing up to come home. After I stopped for lunch, I put the outfit back on, re-did my makeup and wig, then drove home for the night.

Saturday was one of the best days ever. I called a nail salon for a manicure, got dressed in black leggings, pink ribbed camisole, forest green top with attached silver necklace, and a black open cardigan. I did full makeup (I tried to keep it light for daytime), put on my wig, and drove off. I stopped at a Target and bought some new panties with a gift card I had, no one batted an eye. I then went to the salon, where I was warmly greeted, even though, not thinking, I had given my male first name when I called. The American woman doing my nails was so pleasant and we chatted easily about many things, including dresses. But I got the biggest surprise when the Asian owner came over to let the nail tech know about her next client, saying “you will take her after this lady” – meaning me!!  She said it again, “once you are finished with her”, and I was soaring for the rest of the appointment! I got a lovely pale pink polish that was hardly noticeable, but I was feeling even more feminine when I left the salon.

I drove to a Payless store in a big mall, parked the car, and just walked into Sears to get to Payless. I know at least a couple of people read me as I went by, but I didn’t care anymore. I greeted the SA’s at Payless, walked to the women’s 9 1/2 racks, and started pulling down shoes to try. I was looking for another black high heel and found both the Karmen and Christian Siriano Habit black heels. They both fit perfectly, but the Habit were on sale, plus I had a 25% coupon, so those were the ones I wanted to get. I paid at the register, softening my voice a little, but I knew they knew I was not female. I walked back through Sears to the exit, back in the car, and drove to the nearest Kohl’s. I had a return from my online order, faux-leather leggings that were too big, plus $10 I earned for the order. I found clearance racks and browsed all of them. I pulled out tops, skirts, jeans, dresses – then it was time to try them on. Into the women’s fitting rooms I went, the first side was full so I went to the other side and claimed a room. Tried everything on, some fit, some didn’t (a great black lace dress was one size too small), but I was in heaven. I decided on three tops and a skirt, went to the register line, then was called “ma’am” by the young man opening a register. After my credit, a 20% discount, and my Kohl’s cash was applied, I paid a whopping 25 cents for everything.

Finally, it was time to decide on what to wear to the Tiffany Club’s Saturday night open house. I was originally going to wear a new forest green suede dress from my Kohl’s order, but I decided to wear the new magenta top and gray skirt with the new heels. I re-did my makeup for the evening, but then I sat anxiously on my couch for almost an hour as it was still light out at the end of the day. I finally said to myself, “Get out the door, Tina!”, drove to the meeting, and had a good time with the small group there. When I came home, I realized I needed pictures of this outfit. Not wanting more selfies, I set up the digital camera and tripod, then posed many times. I even took a close up, as I was pleased with my look. The pearl jewelry was borrowed from my wife’s collection. 

Unfortunately, I didn’t get out again as I had hoped, but I did have some good time to relax at home. Sunday, I wore my new purple sleeveless top with a lavender miniskirt and my new black JLo pumps with a silver stiletto. Monday night I tried to dramatize the eye makeup (not entirely sure I succeeded). I was wearing my new green suede dress and my nude platform peep-toe pumps. I decided to try some different poses with the dress and figured out how to orient the camera for the picture on the couch.

I had hoped to go to the Tiffany Club on Tuesday night, but I had to clean up the house and put everything away before going to the airport to pick up my wife. Once I had dressed on Friday night, I didn’t wear male clothes again until Tuesday night. My ability to get out dressed has been limited due to hiding it from my unaccepting wife, but I believe that year I got over the majority of my fears.

Next: 2018, with a few more firsts!


4 Responses

  1. I’m really enjoying this series and it’s definitely a great advert for sending the wife away for a few days!

    Looking forward to the next instalment!

    1. Amanda, if only it were that easy! She doesn’t drive, and the years I wrote about are when she was a committee chair for a national organization and had to attend the annual conference. Now we are both working from home, and I have very few opportunities to dress. I appreciate Kandi re-running these posts from her old site to look back and see how far I’ve come.

  2. Tina your story very much resonates with me as it’s very Similar to mine. For me once that preferable cat was let out of the bag I wanted to go out every chance I had
    Even if it was a grocery shopping or buying gas but usually it was shopping to add to the wardrobe
    You have a great style about you and yes this has been a great story

    1. Thank you Rachael, I do wish that I had more regular opportunities to dress and go out. The events in this series were special for me as I was able to do so many things while dressed for the first time.

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