Tina’s Early Adventures Part 1

Since Tina doesn't get out as often as she would like, this is my gift to her.

By Tina Davis

April 27 – May 1, 2016

The whirlwind of feminine times started on Wednesday evening when I got home from work. My unsupportive wife had flown to a meeting and would not be back until Sunday evening, and my daughter was still at college. I hastily stripped off my male clothes, hauled my duffel bag of female clothes out of its hiding place, and started sorting through everything. I knew that I needed to wash a lot, so I put on panties and a shelf-bra camisole with my homemade forms, then a short-sleeve nightgown and brought the laundry downstairs. I also needed to wash my good wig, so I put on an old Halloween one instead. I started the wash, got the wig washed, rinsed, and hung, then went back upstairs to watch TV. Two loads later, I put the dry clothes in my drawers and hung the dresses, tops, and skirts in my closet, along with lining up my five pairs of women’s shoes on the closet floor. All of the male clothes were pushed to the sides, although I was still going to the office on Thursday.

Thursday morning, I showered and shaved my legs, chest and underarms, underdressed in beige panties and nude pantyhose, and headed to work. When I got home that night, off came the male clothes and on went a beige bra with forms, hip and butt padding, a peachy-orange split-neck sweater, beige miniskirt and mid-heel peep-toe pumps. My wig was still drying, so I stayed inside relaxing without any makeup. At bedtime, after putting my nightgown back on over a soft-cup bra and panties, I painted my toenails a bright pink. 

On Friday, I was working from home, so I shaved my hands and forearms and touched up my chest before starting the day in pink panties, black pantyhose, black leggings, a pink tank top, black cardigan, and black wedge booties. Mid-morning, I changed into a pink bra, a black floral slinky JLo dress and my 5″ black platform stilettos, adding a high-waist control panty to really hold me in and give me a female shape. I did have to go out in the early evening in male mode, so the dress, forms and heels came off, I shaved my face and went to the short event. When I got back home, I put the same dress on and attempted to put on makeup. My face and lips were okay, but the eyes were not good (practice time was needed!). I also put on some amethyst jewelry to match the dress, some clip earrings, a necklace with an amethyst drop, and a ring along with a gold shell bracelet. I felt really feminine even with the eye makeup disaster.

Saturday was the day I had been anticipating (and dreading) the most. I wanted to go shopping, but couldn’t yet bring myself to go in full female clothing. I was very androgynous, wearing black leggings, a black tank top under a male black shirt, white ankle socks and sneakers. No wig, but I put on some blush and clear lip balm before finally heading outside. I browsed the clearance racks at Kohl’s and found a forest green top with an attached silver necklace and a short black-and-gold flippy skirt. I also needed a pair of male pants, so I found what I wanted and took all three items into the men’s changing room to try them on. I wasn’t going to rock the boat by going into the women’s, not with my bald head! Everything fit great, so I went right to the checkout line and had no problems. Then I went to Wal-Mart because I needed some new bras. I found two that I liked (a black t-shirt underwire and a pink push-up) and I went up a cup size to a 38C because my homemade forms are a little bigger than a B. I also found a new crossbody purse in a neutral print, which I was much happier with than what I had at home. The final stop was at the mall, I walked the entire length to get to Payless. I found a perfect pair of Christian Siriano black pointy flats, size 9.5, tried them on in the back of the store without comment, and brought them to the register. The SA asked calmly if they fit OK, to which I replied “Yes, they do, thank you.” She rang up the shoes, and I was on my way back through the mall on a pink cloud.

I opened the shoe box in the car, took off my sneakers and socks, and put on the flats to drive home. What a great feeling! I brought my purchases in the house, took off all the tags and went upstairs to try on the bras. OMG, the forms fit perfectly and I couldn’t believe the difference in my look, just with the bra change. I decided to wear the black bra and black thong with black pantyhose under a diagonally striped black-and-white dress for the open house evening at the Tiffany Club, a New England CD/TG support group. It was only the second time that I had been out fully dressed to TCNE. I put on my black cardigan sweater, my new flats and some basic makeup (foundation, blush, lipstick). The makeup items went in my new purse, along with my license, glasses (which I don’t wear as Tina), and phone. I carried my black 3″ pumps to the car, wearing my sunglasses and wig, and off I went, changing into the heels before I was greeted at TCNE and whisked into the changing room for my eye makeup tutorial and application. Meghan was so gentle and explained everything as she did it, and I was so happy to see the result with my eyes brought out (they are hooded) without looking dark. I stayed at the club until about 9:30, had Meghan take my picture, then headed home. I was still fully dressed and bouncing at 1 AM! Then I finally took off the makeup and wig, put my nightgown on and tumbled into bed.

Sunday I wore the new pink push-up bra, pink lace panties, and nude pantyhose under a male shirt and jeans for the morning. I went and got some new makeup to match what was described to me. Then I came home, put on a floral bodycon dress and heels, and worked with the makeup for a couple of hours. Photos followed as I had a little fun! I had to clean everything up and hide it away before picking up my wife at the airport that night.

That four day stretch was my first real foray into dressing and getting out without any feeling of guilt or shame, except for hiding everything from my wife. I overcame a lot of fears and realized how much I enjoyed it and how much I wanted to do even more.

Next: 2017!


4 Responses

  1. Tina,
    It is amazing how far you have come in your appearance! The pictures from yesterday looked wonderful, so happy being you!
    Stay beautiful-Sherry

  2. I think many here can relate to our first real time to be that girl inside for extended period
    Back when I was married I had a few similar experiences when the ex went away
    Today. well the girl pretty much lives in my house all the time, and well if you think that’s wonderful it has its trade offs for sure as I do miss married life.
    But Tina you seem to navigate well and another great story that I know I relate to

    1. Rachael, I have no desire to transition or even to live full-time. I do love my wife and daughter, and the few times I have dressed for multiple days was fun but also exhausting. I was ready to go back to male mode, although it was sad to have to hide everything away again. It’s never easy, no matter what the situation.

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