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Saturday Lunch

A Dee-run (okay, a very bad pun, but work with me here!).

With St. Louis beginning to open up (for better or worse is TBD), the monthly MTUG (Metro Trans Umbrella Group) lunch gathering was a week ago Saturday at a restaurant in a TG friendly neighborhood of St. Louis. Generally there are three or four attendees at the monthly lunches (I generally attend about half of them), but this time there were nine. Although I remain cautious about gatherings (especially indoor gatherings, as the virus is still circulating in the public), I was among those ready to have a day out. The devil on my shoulder saying “go” outweighed my better angels.

Fortunately, my son and his girlfriend (who don’t know about this side of me) left our house earlier than expected so I was free to dress at home. I chose a yellow and black sundress that I bought last year in Chicago and quickly fell in love with. It works well with a trimmer and tanner me (lots of outdoor active time over the last three months).

We had a nice lunch and caught up on the happenings of the last three months. Two of the attendees I had not met before, including one who had not been out for 15 years (unfortunately, his wife of many years passed away in March from cancer). It is generally interesting to hear new voices.

As we were near the windows it made for good lighting for photos. Our Transgender Group President, Essay, is always stylishly dressed, and today was no exception. Belinda, the other attendee pictured me with, is a frequent lunch goer, even though she lives two hours away in Central Illinois.

After lunch, the group wandered across the street to a boutique, where I had the courage but not the sense to try on the hot pink dress. It was far too small and far too young, but a girl can dream, can’t she?

After the boutique, I left the group and ventured to the St. Louis Galleria. There were people shopping, though not extremely crowded (not sure if any malls are crowded these days, with the advent of Amazon and the like). I visited Nordstrom and Macy’s, and did my normal routine of trying on dresses. Like most of the other shoppers, I wore a mask (better safe than sorry)–and to protect my feet, my Red Keds (a favorite of Kandi’s!).

After the Galleria, I decided to be bold and do my grocery shopping (no issues; I even got a “have a nice day honey” on my leaving the store), and then stopped at a local institution called Ted Drewes to satisfy my craving for frozen custard (think ice cream, but richer in flavor).

Fun to be out again.


2 Responses

  1. Hi Dee, I enjoy the stories of your outings. The closest similar group for me is 3 hours away in Toronto. I have been to their meetings twice. How fortunate you are! Speaking of the coral dress, I do like it and I love the colour. My one friend who knows about Frannie encourages me to wear brighter colours like that—mainly tops with darker pants. Your sundress looks great on you.
    Take care,

    1. Thanks, Frannie.

      Our group attracts members from about a 150 mile radius with St. Louis as the centerpoint. Lately, most of our dinner meetings have been canceled because of Covid, but we plan to resume on 9/17, so if anyone is interested and is around St. Louis, you can get in contact by doing a search for the St. Louis Gender Foundation.

      As to colo(u)rs, four years ago I had a session with a sales angel (she was great) at a Nordstrom in a Chicago suburb. She had me try on a yellow top. I thought I could never wear something so bright and bold.

      Two years later I saw the yellow dress in Chicago (for Pink Fest), tried it on, and it was an instant winner. Took it to a sales agent at White House, Black Market (in the same mall), who I had met earlier in the day, modeled it for her, and she loved it too.

      Since then, I have tried to be bolder in my color choices. I tease my GG friend Michelle that she has two colors, black and black, and if I can wear colors, she most certainly can.

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