Julie’s First Time Out – Part 2

The dramatic conclusion!

The next day, a Thursday, I had business until about 6pm and was determined not to make the mistakes of the previous night. Across the street from my condo, was a sushi restaurant so I took my time getting a really nice meal. I had been wearing one of my favorite guy suits, fits perfectly and always makes me feel extra confident. So, by the end of dinner I was in a great mindset. My plan was to get to the club, which was having a drag night, around 11pm – no blazing sun this time. Got ready without a hitch and made it a point to do the nails last – a single coat of gold sparkly polish followed by a quick use of the room provided hair dryer and I was out the door.

This time I was wearing my favorite LBD and these really cool platform Maryjane heels. This time the 2 block walk to the club was with total confidence and those shoes were actually quite comfortable, even though they don’t look it. Once I got inside the club I felt like I had finally found my people. The crowd was about a third drag girls, a third gay boys and a third GG’s – not exactly my people, but it sure felt like it.

After about an hour I met my first crossdresser – Michelle. We talked for the rest of the evening and really hit it off. After we closed the place, we walked to her car, gave each other a big hug and didn’t exchange any contact information. So, I’ve totally lost contact with her. Hopefully, we’ll find each other on one of these internet sites and will be able to reconnect. Oh yeah, bathrooms!! That night I used only the little girls room – my first time. Really a non-issue, but was kinda a big deal for me. 

On my last night in Seattle I was too excited to get out there to take pictures beforehand and little too drunk to take pictures afterwards. Nothing all that noteworthy of the evening. Went to a different drag themed club, hung out with a group of drag girls, talked to a cd girl a couple of times (but she had other objectives for the evening). Also, talked with a straight couple from the UK – had to bring up the subject that I was a dude in a dress. They thought it was odd that I would even bring up the subject (I’ve got to figure out how I can get an extended visit to the UK). I think the best part of the night was that the bartender kept saying ‘Need another one gorgeous?’ It’s no wonder I got home so drunk. There actually was a noteworthy part associated with my walk home, but I’ll save that for another time. 

So, the next day I got packed for my flight home. In the Uber to the airport I was looking out the window, reflecting on the past 4 days and started tearing up, almost got to the point of uncontrollably weeping, but was able to hold it together. I just couldn’t believe how wonderful the whole trip had been and couldn’t help but feel that there was someone above that had made all the pieces fall into place. I should add that when I booked my accommodations I had no idea it was in Capital Hill or even what that was. So I truly believe that it was some sort of divine intervention that said ‘you have had enough of doing this by yourself and if you don’t take advantage of this perfect opportunity I’ve created for you, then I don’t know what else will get you out there’. Since then I’ve tried to give back at every opportunity available and am so thankful that someone has led me to the door and that I had mustered enough courage to walk through it. 


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  1. Julie,
    I am always impressed by your dresses and shoes. And that Julie “pose” is your signature look.

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